Fashion Designing- Not all about glitz and glamour!

As Prada has rightly put it, “what you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” After all, it can hardly be denied that fashion designers do not just make clothes- they have the ability to make a person feel good about themselves. It goes without saying that someone with this gift should actually explore it further. It is interesting to note that the fashion industry around the world has an estimated worth of hundreds of millions of dollars and to be a part of this industry is no mean feat.

Fortunately, gone are those times when “studying” fashion designing was a rarity. In the contemporary era, fashion designing has emerged to be one of the most desirable courses as it is not only a glamorous field but also offers a promising career. However, if you want to make it big, you need to be well-equipped with the intricacies of colour combination, aesthetics, eye for detail, etc. Likewise, creativity and originality are must-have character traits for an aspiring fashion designer.

The times are such that, most of us want to express ourselves, or make a statement, through our fashion choices. The moment we take a look at a person’s attire, we can infer their style sensibilities, cultural affiliations, social status, and sometimes their profession as well, to a large extent. Whether you want to blend in or stand out, fashion allows you to you assert an identity of your own. Some students opt for fashion designing because they are lured by the prospect of working with the iconic figures in the industry and it seems like a glamorous profession to be in, one that also has a substantial amount of money. But it should also be remembered that only the truly committed can have the endurance to go through the rigors of the course.

However, one can never afford to lose sight of the fact that the fashion industry is notoriously fast-paced and competitive, so it is highly essential to ensure that to make the most of all the opportunities during the degree, inkling internships, retail experience as well as networking opportunities. These will holistically contribute to boost your graduate employability. However, one should keep in mind that just being artistically gifted is not all that it takes to carve out a niche in this field; one also needs to possess adequate managerial skills to be able to deal with different types of people. Also, make sure you enrol in one of the top fashion designing colleges in India, as it will determine how abreast you are with the latest standards and practices of the industry.

The fashion institutes in India have produced remarkable designers in the past and the tradition will continue with young and able designers revolutionizing fashion in the years to come. The best fashion institutes of today’s times not only teach about designing, but also make the students aware of fashion management and prepare them to deal with the business aspect of the fashion industry. This gets them ready and fully equipped to deal with the pressures once they are out on their own. This is also something that comes in extremely handy when the designers have to work at an international scale because it they are already equipped with a fair idea about the work ethics in the global scenario.

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