Explore the beautiful historical sites of India

India has the rich cultural history which has left behind many historical landmarks and monuments.  India is the land of diversities in culture, languages, ethnicity and political upheavals. India has remained a melting pot of different religions, rulers and empires. Every dynasty who has ruled the India leaves behind their own culture in form of great buildings and monuments. A visit to these places will give you an insight about diverse cultural history of India. Have a visit to them and learn the interesting history of India’s past. I have selected some places which are very famous all over the world and are attended by many people of the world. Let’s see which these places are.

Taj Mahal IndiaTaj mehal:
Taj mehal is the finest example of Mughal architecture. It has elements from Persian, Indian and Islamic styles. It was built by emperor shah Jahan for his wife after her death. It is known as the symbol of love. Shah Jahan loved his wife so much and it is said that after having mumtaz he paid little attention to other wives. After her death, he aborted his war campaign and devoted himself to build a monument in memory of his beloved wife. Shah Jahan’s love left behind a great heritage. It is cited as “jewel of Muslim art “in India and is universally admired masterpiece of world’s heritage. After visiting Taj Mehal you will accept that true love never dies. The taj mehal interior needs no accessories to decorate it as the pure white marbles are enough to make it a precious site. The most interesting feature of this building is that it changes its color according to the amount and type of light in a day. Visit this place and see the strength of love embedded in marble stones. You can buy many printed photos of taj mehal from near buy shop to decorate your home.

Mysore Palace:
It is the second popular tourist’s destination in India after taj mehal. It is under the possession of royal family of maysoor which is known as city of palaces. You will find the royalty in every aspect of this palace. It is also known as the Indian version of royal palace for the queen of England. The important structural features of this palace is

  • Hall of private audience
  • A public darbar
  • The diwan-e-aam where the king used to listen the problems of common masses
  • Royal wedding hall
  • An armoury which contains the many arms used by the royal family

You will be surprised by the majesty and elegant architecture of this palace. For the history lovers it is the must see palace.

It is the beautiful mosque showing the great aesthetic sense of the Muslim rulers in India. The mosque has four tombs erected vertically and are made up of marble and other precious stones. It was built by the Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah in 1591. Many theories and myths are associated with the construction of this building. One such is that the qutb shah prayed to his god to solve the problems of his country and he will build a mosque then. Anyhow whatever the reasons are this is a stunning example of Muslim architecture in the India. Must visit it and enjoy the beautiful building.

Khajuraho Temples:
These temples testify the fact that the famous Indian book on sex and sexuality the “kama sutra” is originated in India. There are 20 temples devoted to the theme of the book. It is most visited site in India. You will find the unparalleled meticulously detailed carvings on temples. It is famous for the erotic sculptures showing the importance of love in human life.

These are the most famous historical places in India.  Explore them and learn the events of the past.

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