Everything to Know about Desert Safari in Dubai

Desert Safari, Dubai
desert safari dubai

If you’re the kind of person who wants to experience something cultural in all of your travels, you should sign up for a desert safari during your Holiday in Dubai

This provides the perfect escape from the modern and bustling metropolis, and the gateway into an entirely different world, complete with magic carpets and genies. No, not really. But a desert safari would definitely create that kind of feeling.


The Offers
desert safari dubai

Among the top sightseeing and activities in Dubai, desert safari is usually considered a highlight of your Dubai Holiday and every tour operators in Dubai offers this activity. Although other arrangements are similar, some may offer different options for enjoying the long stretch of sand.

If you don’t have the whole day or night to spare, you can sign up for a morning desert safari. You can also choose an evening desert safari with or without overnight camping. If you opt for an overnight desert safari, camping may come with belly dancing and barbecue, and a few hours watching the stars in the naked sky.

If you prefer something romantic without staying too long in the open sand, you can go for dinner only in the desert.


What to expect?
desert safari dubai

A desert safari often starts with dune bashing, which is basically a ride over sand dunes aboard a 4WD.

Where’s the bashing? This happens when your driver takes you up and over steep sand dunes that you would feel like being tossed about or like riding a flying carpet, except it has four wheels.

With professional drivers behind the wheels, you are in good hands.

This is often followed by a camel ride upon reaching a certain destination. If you opt not to ride the camel, which would be such a shame, you can enjoy the view and take photographs.

Trust us; the vast stretch of sand would take your breath away like any destination with spectacular scenery.

If sand skiing goes with your itinerary, consider yourself very lucky. The opportunity may only come your way once.

So make the most of the experience and enjoy as much sand as you can handle.


Now, camps in the desert may not always look like what you see in the movies, but they would still give you a sense of that nomadic lifestyle.

Carpets laid out in the open, complete with plush cushions and low tables, would definitely make you feel like you are one with the desert.
desert safari dubai

To keep you entertained, belly dancing and other activities would be offered. But the real highlight is that part where you can lie down on a carpet and watch the stars with startling clarity.

In the desert, there is very little that can obstruct your view. And when all the lights are put out and the entire camp is thrown in darkness, the stars will come out and showcase a performance of their own.

Desert safari can be a romantic experience or a bonding time for the entire family. It feels just as great even when you’re travelling solo.

desert safari dubai

So make it a point to go on a desert safari when you go on a holiday in Dubai.

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