Even birds spend winter in Pakistan

With temperature going down in the western hemisphere, the idea of outdoor fun becomes a less desirable one. It does not mean that you have to spend the entire brittle cold winters locked in your house; there are places where winter gets the people out of their summer hibernation. Travelling to east and south for winter vacation is universal, even birds do that then why should you not? Pakistan has lots of attraction for the residents of colder region as the country holds a unique topography where both winter and summer vacations can be enjoyed at any time of the year. I have compiled a list of few places in Pakistan where your winter vacations can become a memory to cherish forever.


With a rather recent history, the Federal Capital of Pakistan occupies a very happening part of the country i.e. the part that connects the much-visited northern areas with rest of Pakistan. Despite the fact that the state is home to many important offices, there are various places to explore in Islamabad. The city’s presence at the Northern gateway makes it very convenient for its guest to plan a one-day trip to Pakistan’s most visited hill station Murree while staying in their short stay flat for rent in Islamabad (you can check some of the available options on Zameen.com). Other notable places to visit in Islamabad include Pir Suhawa, Daman-e-Koh and Saidpur.


Lahore, the historical centre of Pakistan, is known for offering a glimpse into the lifestyle of people living in the largest province of Pakistan. Lahore lays in the monsoon regions with hot summers and pleasantly cold winters with average temperature of 10 0C. For travellers, Lahore’s historic charm is the most notable as the city is home to various grand structures that date back to the 16th century. The cold yet sunny days of Lahore in December and January will assist you in exploring the city in a satisfying manner. Some places that you must visit in Lahore include Anarkali Bazar, Shahi Mohala, Badshahi Masjid and Lahore Fort, Shalamar Gaden and Samadhi of Ranjeet Singh and Masjid Wazir Khan.

Bahawalpur and Cholistan

Bahwalpur, the state of Nawabs, can only be visited in the winters, as the summer in this region is very harsh for the outsiders. With a long history of region’s royals, the grandeur of Bahawalpur is still intact. Various places here are still inhibited by the state’s Nawabs and their successors and you can perhaps only watch them from outside except for Noor Mahal, where the foreigners can enter with special request from the concerned authorities.  About 30 kilometres away from Bahawalpur lays Cholistan, a desert known for its vibrant culture and unique construction style. Cholistan is home to various forts. According to Wikipedia, some of these forts include Derawar Fort, Bijnot Fort, Mojgarh Fort, Jamgrah Fort, Phoolra Fort and Khangarh Fort and offer the travellers a chance to look through the region’s rich history

In the mentioned areas, winter only last of less than 4 months, which starts from now. Hurry up and make your plans to spend the winter exploring Pakistan.

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