Enjoy south east India via bus trip!

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Holidays occupy a special place in our life. And there is hardly anyone who does not love to spend time with their family and loved ones. Our hectic life and our busy schedule leave us with very little time to do anything beyond the regular grind. And as such we look forward to our holidays in order to relax and rejuvenate. Most of us when we book the mode of transportation we give first preference to flight and then train if our budget acts as the constraint. We hardly think of bus as a mode of transportation. We consider the bus as a regular means of travel, something that we board in order to travel from home to office and vice versa. But consider travelling on a bus the next time you are on a holiday. You will get amazed at the charms of the travel.

When we take a flight we hardly get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty outside. All that we do is board the flight, browse through magazines and wait for the flight to land. In case of train journey we do get to enjoy the beauty outside, even get down at station junctions and soak in the local atmosphere. But in case of a bus journey the entire experience is different. It is not only cheap and affordable but you get to experience the change in landscape transitions. Imagine you are availing a Tirupati Package and travelling to Munnar from Tirupati, you will able to enjoy a drastic change in the landscape. From the plains of Tirupati to the hilly terrain of Munnar – this journey will be a once in a lifetime experience. You will get a firsthand experience of the change in altitude, temperature as well as the scenic view – from the plains of Tirupati to the lush green valleys of Munnar – what a lovely experience it will be. And imagine getting down from the bus at regular intervals to enjoy a cup of tea and local snacks. These trips are perfect if you are travelling with a likeminded partner or if you would like to enjoy a backpack travel in India.

In order to enjoy a bus trip you need to plan ahead. Check out the government transport sites to see what is the kind of buses offered by them for this route. There are many private travel agents who offer luxury buses from one place to another. Some are AC deluxe buses while others are deluxe buses but without any air conditioning. Depending on your preference and liking as well as the cost involved, you should take your call.

One of the best advantages of this journey is that you don’t have to drive; the driver will make sure that you reach the destination on time. All you need to do is board the bus, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

So if scenic beauty, cost and the desire for something different excites you then opt for a bus trip. Nothing can beat the charm of a road trip.

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