Career options after PG diploma in travel, tourism and hospitality

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry has become one of the fastest growing industries with several new destinations opening up for the tourists around the globe. It offers a wide range of employment opportunities to the young and enthusiastic aspirants, ranging from a tour guide in a glamorous location to marketing national and local attractions.

If you want a flying start in life and desire to pursue a career in hospitality management, a post graduate diploma in travel, tourism and hospitality management would be the perfect career path for you. The program enables you to learn the key principles of managing a wide range of hospitality businesses like restaurants, hotels, clubs and foodservice organizations. There are several top colleges in India offering PGDM in travel, tourism and hospitality. These top institutes offer quality hospitality education to their candidates to create entrepreneurs and hospitality leaders of tomorrow.

Why choose PGDM in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality?
Studying post graduate diploma in travel, tourism and hospitality management provides you the skills necessary for hospitality managers and adopting alternative approaches to business management. The course has a flexible structure to meet the professional and educational needs of the aspirants. It also provides candidates with the specialized skills required for lucrative careers in hospitality industry. Additionally, the course develops the candidate’s knowledge in important travel, tourism and hospitality disciplines like convention and event management, revenue management, health and well-being tourism, sports and leisure management etc.

Teaching methods of the program include a mix of lectures, seminars, field trips, web based learning as well as workshops etc. The knowledge and skills developed during the course make the candidates eligible for jobs in hospitality sector. They also get transferable skills needed for other sectors.

Career options:

  • Hospitality manager – The most common career option after completing post graduate diploma in travel, tourism and hospitality management would be to take on a business management role in the hospitality sector.
  • Restaurant manager – If you like the world of food and possess a natural nose for the right dining experience, then a bright career in restaurant management could be waiting just for you.
  • Cruise director – If you love to see the whole world and also have strong sea legs, the role of cruise director may suit you.
  • Events manager – If you have excellent organizational skills and also enjoy meeting people, a career in event management would be the right choice for you.

Hotel manager – Hotel managers ensure the smooth running of hotels and resorts through the efficient supervision of employees. The role requires a huge range of skill sets, including budget allocation, strategic planning, quality auditing, performance tracking and overseeing hotel services etc.

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