Career opportunities after completing civil engineering degree course

Planning to make a successful career in engineering but confused which specialization to choose from? Civil engineering is the oldest engineering fields that incorporate the teaching of planning, implementation, and designing of several structural activities. A career in civil engineering is highly rewarding.

Some of the top B. Tech. colleges in West Bengal are From road constructions to building constructions, township planning, and construction, all these tasks come under the ambit of civil engineering. This also involves construction and maintenance of airports, power stations, dams, highways, waterways, manufacturing plants, factories, industrial units etc. There are various career options available across India and overseas for the successful applicants.

About civil engineering
The degree program from top civil engineering colleges prepare the students to design and build structures like roads, bridges, and buildings. The career in civil engineering requires students to get their bachelor’s degree from a reputed engineering institute. After graduation, students can work in either government or private sector. There are various fields in this branch that include:

• Designing: For finding a career in designing, the civil engineer must have excellent academic record and knowledge of different civil engineering software like AutoCAD, AutoTum, StandPro, and TopoCAD etc.

• Construction: Job profile as a project or construction engineer offers several opportunities in the construction field including roads and industrial constructions. This is a challenging job where students are hired at attractive pay packages.

• Planning: If you have excellent planning skills, choosing a career in the project management is a great idea. The demand for planning engineers in construction companies is huge.

Those looking for the consultation and management roles in this field should have a valid experience of 5 or more years. Hands-on-experience is must understand the real world business challenges associated with this industry.

Career options
Some of the best career options that the aspirants can consider after completing civil engineering are:

1. Transportation engineer: The transportation engineers develop plans for highways and freeways to improve the flow of traffic. Apart from this, their job duties include designing of roads, drainage and street lighting along with the flood prevention plans. Excellence and responsibility are the two main factors of their jobs. The field also offers amazing job avenues and attractive salary packages.

2. Water resource engineer: This field involves the technologies related to the flow and quality of water. Water resource engineers can work in sewage management, wastewater management, and other departments.

3. Structural engineers: These engineers develop several buildings and other large structures while considering the materials used and their functionality. These engineers also specialize in designing the offshore structures and the earthquake engineering.

D.Y. Patil College of Engineering is one of the best civil engineering colleges in Pune offering the best engineering course with the vast industrial knowledge to the students. The program prepares candidates for different career options in the civil engineering field. The laboratories at the institute are well-equipped with the latest equipment and licensed software to offer a unique learning experience to the learners. The institute has a placement cell that takes care of the internships and placement opportunities of the candidates and also prepares them for a successful career ahead.

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