Brief Background on Volunteer Work Cambodia

As volunteer organizations are promoting volunteer work Cambodia, some people who are interested are curious about what volunteering in Cambodia is all about. To help you understand more about volunteering in the country, a brief background on volunteer work Cambodia can help you.

Cambodia is a country located in Southeast Asia that has a growing economy especially in the tourism industry. However, at the back of its growing economy is the increasing number of poor and destitute children, women,and families. Thankfully, there are non-government organizations (NGOs) that are instituted to cater to the different needs of these people. These are the orphanages, care centers, medical facilities, and others. However, most of these facilities lack enough human resources to carry out daily tasks. And this lack of human resources is the reason why volunteers are needed in Cambodia.

If you volunteer in Cambodia, there are different programs where you can be a part of. Some of the more popular programs are volunteer teaching, orphanage work, programs for street children, and NGO support programs. Most of these programs are placed in the capital city of Hanoi and its surrounding areas but other programs may be widely scattered in other places in the country. When you sign up for any volunteer program, you can choose your program location if you have a preferred place. In exchange for a placement fee, volunteer organizations normally take care of your lodging, food, and sometimes transportation to and from your housing and placement facility.

Volunteering in Cambodia is a good way to promote a joint effort between NGO and volunteers to make a bigger impact in the lives of poor and needy Cambodians.

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