Blissful Holidaying in Kuala Lumpur

However Kuala Lumpur seem to be a party town with loads of energetic activities and active nightlife, the destination has plenty of attractive, blissful sightseeing attractions. Come here to enjoy the lovely gardens, gorgeous nature reserves, marvelous lakes and a dozen of other splendid grassy, peaceful spots to make the vacation ever-rememberable.

Tabur Hill
This escapade is one of the beauty filled attractions in the city where people come to spend their holidays in a very exotic way. Hiking is the expected fun! The chill weather of the altitude takes to the paradise where the climate seems to be so cool and the oxygen seems to be very fresh. The Tabur Hill is also known for its stunning landscape, just relish the superior weather and panorama and keep those memories deep into your heart.

Gabai Waterfalls
Soon after experiencing the summit chillness and freshness, you can instruct your maps to direct towards the Galai Waterfalls to drench in the fresh and chill waters coming from the pure vegetarian hills of the peak. There water coming all the way from the greeneries make it pure and fresh and of medicinal value, so never miss the chance to immerse in these clear waters of the Gabai falls.

Bukit Gasing Reserve
This lovely nature-made wonder is the best place for taking a long walk. The nature reserve is reachable from various hotels like the Fahrenheit Suites Hotel in Kuala Lumpur in the center of city so accessing becomes simple and quick with the metro rail routes and public buses. Tourists love this walking trail ranges because of its peaceful atmosphere and the lovely climate. The nature gifted environment of the celebrated haven allows you to enjoy the lovely climate and the serenity of the place.

Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve
Painted by the God’s own hand and tinted by the nature’s own colors! Bukit Nanas Forest is such a vast area covering acres together. This absolute green land is a great place to tour with the entire family as there are basic amenities built in this forest reserve. There are many wood tray and tables and chairs to make the dining and resting comfortable. Restrooms are also scattered in the forests to make the tourist camping and trekking easy. There are many sign boards kept here and there to instruct the travelers about the direction where they are heading towards. See various new and rare plant species and enjoy the holiday in a perfectly blissful way.

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