Best Institutes in India for M.Sc. in Wildlife Science

Wildlife conservation is a diverse field of study and has been attracting the attention of quite a good number of students who are nature lovers and passionate about the rich flora and fauna of our country. Getting into one of the Wildlife Institutes in India enables them to pursue a flourishing career in wildlife sciences. They not only explore the beauty of nature being in this profession but also get to work for the welfare of animals and make significant contribution in the preservation of diverse wildlife of India.

M.Sc. in Wildlife Science is nothing but a ticket to the adventurous world of wildlife management. There are not one, but numerous benefits of pursuing this course and therefore it is essential to choose the best institute for pursuing your course so that you get the best of training and placement after completing the course.

We are providing you with a list of some of the best institutes in India for M.Sc. in Wildlife Science:

  1. Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun
    A globally renowned institute in the field of wildlife education, WII, provides two years Masters’ degree programme in wildlife science. The peaceful atmosphere and state-of-the-art infrastructure of institute provides an ideal place to study a course like this. The prime focus of this institute is to train young environmentalists to effectively manage, protect and preserve the diverse wildlife of India.
  1. Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune
    With an aim to make students understand the importance of the rich wildlife wealth of India and develop the right approach towards the environment, BVIEER, Pune has introduced this course. Their course structure is devised in a way that it will fully equip you with all the desired skills for valuation and monitoring of the huge biodiversity and wildlife. And this is done with the help of rigorous field work and internships along with the regular course work. The course is offered in collaboration with the Wildlife Trust of India.
  1. University of Kota, Rajasthan
    Rajasthan is home to a wide range of wildlife including amazing animals and birdlife. The beautiful state also has 3 National Parks, 3 tiger reserves and several sanctuaries making it receive recognition from the government for it’s rich flora and fauna. And perhaps this is the reason that University of Kota in Rajasthan introduced M.Sc. in Wildlife Science as a course so that wildlife science students can understand the importance of management of natural resources and develop a scientific approach to handle issues associated with the degradation of environment.
  1. Amity Institute of Wildlife Sciences, Noida
    A leading name in the field of quality education, Amity University, understands well the importance of the need for preserving wildlife of India. The institute provides value-based education that includes field tours, internships, research opportunities and also assistance in development of career and placement after the course completion. You will get to make useful professional contacts and also have an insight of advanced educational opportunities.
  1. Kerala Agricultural University, Kerala
    Established in 1971, KAU came into existence for facilitating the development of agriculture in the beautiful and productive state. Currently. It is offering several graduate, post-graduate and doctoral level programs that are associated with agriculture. Through its constituent colleges, the university is offering masters’ degree in wildlife sciences which comes under the faculty of Forestry. The university has unique facilities and programs such as demand-oriented training, lab to land programme and village adoption programme.

All these Wildlife Institutes in India are highly dedicated and committed to spread awareness about preservation and management of the rich wildlife resource of India. They train students to sustain the beauty of our mother Earth, protect wildlife and work towards their welfare.

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