Best 7 beach destinations for your exciting vacation

Every visitor has their own preference about their exciting beach vacation. The honeymooners love the beaches full with palm trees and soft sand while the adventure seekers wish to go to beaches that are close to exotic jungles and post cities. For a wonderful family trip you may look for beaches that have pathways lined with food stalls and amusement rides. The following are the best beach destinations that you may consider for your forthcoming trip.

1. Grenade’s Grand Anse, Seychelles:
Grenade Island’s Grand Anse beach is an abode of multiple striking beaches and the wonderful Grand Anse beach is definitely the best one. Known for calm as well as serene condition, this sandy beach is sheltered from strong winds as well as high waves. It is one of the best tourist destinations of the world and is often overlooked by guest houses and luxury hotels.

2. Rabbit Beach, Italy:
With wonderful setting at bottom of white cliffs as well as sparkling blue water, this beach is ideal for any kind of vacation. What makes it fascinating is a fact that the dolphins love frolicking behind the waves and the sea turtles lay eggs on this beach. Situated on south western coast of Italy’s Sicily, this natural reserve is easily accessible via roads.

3. Weston Shore, UK:
More than two kilometres long, this beach is located near Southampton and is also bordered by tower blocks of the Western Estate. This unique site is ideal for seafaring gateway and also is the only water frontage that is accessible to public. Avail car parking at Southampton cruise terminal before you go out to explore the splendours of the beach.

4. Grace Bay:
Located near the North Atlantic Ocean, this beach boasts of blue water, sand beaches and multiple villa rentals as well as luxury hotels. Few top-rated hotels of the world are situated on the Grace Bay. The world class amenities include fine restaurants, spas as well as unspoiled beaches. You can enjoy fishing, diving as well as snorkelling near Grace Bay region.

5. Seychelles’ Anse Source d’Argent:
Lush vegetation, white sand and turquoise water make La Digue’s Anse Source d’Agent one of the picturesque beaches of the world. The beach has a beautiful reef that is perfect for snorkelling and other water sports.

6. Boulders Beach, South Africa:
This sheltered beach of Cape Town comprises inlets between the boulders made from granite. In fact the beach got its name from these boulders. It is renowned for penguin colony and you have the chance to swim with these cute creatures. According to a recent survey, nearly one thousand penguins live around these boulders as well as dunes.

7. Jeffreys Bay:
Do you love surfing? Jeffreys Bay is your ideal destination. You will just fall in love with this paradise of aloes, shells, classic reefs and dolphins. It is a tranquil spot for the surfers and water sports lovers who visit the place from almost every corner of the globe. Jeffreys Bay is full with surf shops as well as stalls selling local crafts and artworks. In this bay you may visit Noorsekloof nature reserve that offers ample scope to bask in the sun, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and also have a fantastic stay. Starting from guest houses, game farms to backpackers, you can get multiple options for your comfortable accommodation. Coffee shops, fast food centres and eateries cater to the taste of all the foodies.

8. Whitehaven Beach, Australia
This beach in Australia is popular for its picturesque location and ambience. Float over few kilometers of sand beach, swim with fish, lie down under the sun as well as watch boats move up and down cheerfully at the anchor. A blue sky stretches just above you and surely you are seduced by beauty of the beach.

Pack your bag and get ready to visit to one of the best beach destinations with your family members or friends.

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