Best 5 Institutes in Mumbai for APICS Logistics Certification

Who doesn’t want to do good professionally? Doesn’t matter in which position you are today but you always have to fight to remain in the battle. Competition is increasing day by day and to stay stiff in your position you need to scale up yourself.  You can advance your career goal easily with APICS credentials. You can easily start by selecting which program is right for you. They have made that easy with the APICS program selector. You can go to the website, check the program selector and pick from the best logistics certification which is just right for you.

KnoWerX Education India Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1992 with an aim to provide top quality professional education to the aspirants. Ravindra Tulsyan, the Chairman and Chief Minister of this Institute and his wife Mrs Sashi Tulsyan who is the Managing Director of the institute work with the vision to help the professionals in gaining latest knowledge and skills. They provide APICS logistics certification to make sure that every professional can be a leader in providing knowledge to run the business better. They are committed to higher standards of ethics and respect all the individuals, hence providing the quality education to each and every student.

Fhyzics Business Consultants Private Limited
Mr. Venkatesh Narayanan is the Principal Consultant of this business consultancy. He ensures that every student gets quality education by providing best certification courses. He has doneHe HhH mechanical engineering and MBA with over 20 years of experience in consulting business analysis and process improvement. He promises to provide every student with the right education that they can use for their professional growth. He makes sure that everyone can achieve success in his or her professional life.

Institute for Supply Management, India (ISM-INDIA)
Institute for Supply Management, India (ISM-INDIA) is a non-profit association which has its presence in all the major cities of India. It is affiliated to the Institute of Supply Management, USA which is one of the well-known supply management institutes in the world. They provide quality education for a successful future of the students.

Indian Institute of Materials Management
Indian Institute of Materials Management is helping managers to reach new level of leadership by providing them with the right course. With APICS certification, the institute helps individuals and the companies face different facts of life in the workplace and grow by leaps and bounds.

Symbiosis International
Symbiosis International is one of the great institutions which aim at providing top-notch education in operations management to the aspirants. The institute was founded on the vision of promoting international understanding through quality education for the benefits of mid-career professionals. It imparts best education skills to help the professionals grow and excel.

So, above are the 5 best institutes for APICS certification in Mumbai. There are few more institutes, which provide the certification, but the above list was the suggested as these institutes never compromise with the quality of the study material and the faculty is one of the best in the town. You can go to the website of these institutes and make sure that you enrol yourself with the best.

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