Beijing: Free Fun Things in Capital of China

Impressive history, vibrant neighbourhood and a mix of old and new architectural masterpieces, Beijing the capital city of People republic of China and home to 17 million people has transformed itself into one of the most admired destination in the world. And travellers from around the world are planning tours to China to salute the emergence of a great city. The city might boasts of high rise buildings but a common Beijinger still leaves in hutongs.

Here we are giving a lowdown on free activities in Beijing.

Get a Taste of Day To Day Life

Make a morning trip to Ritan Park where you can come across day to day life of a common Chinese. The park is named after the Temple of the Sun and considered one of the oldest parks in the city. On their trip to the park you will get an opportunity to see puzzle game, ballroom dancing, sword-fighting, and community singing.

Explore Wangfujing

Visiting Wangfujing will acquaint you with the great shopping potentials of Chinese capital. If you are visiting this part of the city in evening you should go to Snack Street’ at Southern end where you can try a large number of scrumptious delicacies.

Visit the Historic Tiananmen Square

One of the most visited places in the city Tiananmen Square in Beijing commands a great historical importance. The place is also good for people watching. The visitors should go to the place to at sunrise or sunset to see raising or lowering of the national flag. Don’t forget to click a photograph here.

Sunset of the Forbidden City

Sunset of the Forbidden City (Photo: Wikipedia)


Forbidden City

Once you are through with the visit of Tiananmen Square make a trip Forbidden City which is situated at a walking distance. Here see the highly admired portrait of former communist leader Mao Zedong. You are not required to pay unless you enter inside.

Explore Its Traditional Markets

You can’t get an authentic experience of the Beijing unless you visit its traditional markets. But while visiting these markets you will need to know that bargaining is the order of the day here. Silk Market and Zoo Market are popular markets here. If you have some knowledge of mandarin then you can get better deal here.

Houhai Lake

Situated north of the Forbidden City Houhai and Xihai lakes offers you much respite on a hot summer. Here you can indulge in various water activities that include diving and swimming. Pedalos and bikes are also available on rent to make your experience memorable. There are several bars in vicinity where you can order a beer.

Have a Spirit for Olympic

The city of Beijing added a glorious feather in its crown by hosting Beijing Olympic in 2008. And it is the time when this city got a magnificent infrastructure in the form of subway system. Finest examples of its infrastructure are its stadia that include National Stadium and National Aquatic Centre. The best time to visit these places is during night when both these structures glitters with light.

In addition, hutongs are popular draw cards of Beijing tourism as it is offer you an understanding of city’s ancient infrastructure. The tourists should also try the local delicacies to understand the city better.

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