Admission Fair for Counselling and Better Guidance for Students

Admission fairs are very helpful and informative source for providing guidance to prospective students and their guardians looking forward to get admission in one of the best academic institutions in India. They get to learn a great deal about various colleges, their admission criteria, courses offered, fee structure, placement records and other facilities available for students.

As we know that there is a cut throat competition in education sector presently and every institution claims to be the best, it becomes all the more important to be wise while choosing one for you. The education or admission fairs aim at providing professional guidance on educational opportunities and careers associated with varied fields like engineering, medicals, management, humanities, research work, etc. An excellent platform for both knowledge providers and knowledge seekers to interact with each other, these fairs are the need of the day in educational sector.

Here are some key highlights of how the educational fairs benefit students:

  • They provide aspiring students with unique platform under one roof and help them get into the most suitable institute of their choice.
  • They save you from wasting time and energy on hunting for a good college that fits your search criteria.
  • You get to learn about and compare the fee structure and services of various colleges and choose one that best suits you.
  • Counselling sessions are organised to help students interact with the proficient counsellors and guide them for their future career path. You can discuss your weaknesses and strengths with them and let them know the suitable career track that you should be choosing.
  • When you leave the fair, you are a more confident person and have maximum chances of making up your mind for your future college.
  • These fairs are also a great opportunity for colleges as they get a huge number of students to interact with and let them know exclusively about their services.

Recently, the 15th Admission Fair was organised in the state of Jammu and Kashmir at Jehlum Resorts for providing students an exclusive platform for exploring the right career opportunities after the completion of their class 12th. They got an amazing opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with college officials under a single roof.

More than 30 universities from various cities of India participated in the fair to offer counselling and guidance to hundreds of students regarding more than 100 career opportunities. Some of the top-notch names amongst universities that participated includes – Amity University, Shiv Nadar University, Parul University, Manav Rachna University, Doon Business School, Acharya Bangalore B School, Jaipur National University, Dayananda Sagar University, Mody University, IFIM Bangalore and many more such renowned names from the education sector.

The admission fair was organised by Asia’s premier education fair and convention organiser AFAIRS and had something or the other to offer to all categories of students, be it brilliant ones or those who are average performers. The enthusiasm and participation of students and their parents from across the nation has been increasing year after year and this shows how successful the event has been all through these years. Admissions Fair is considered to be one-stop-shop for education exhibition that helps thousands of students every year in selecting their college after the board examination results. Whether you are looking forward to pursue undergraduate or post-graduate course from one of the renowned colleges of India or abroad, you can solely rely on this exhibition.

The golden opportunity offered by Admissions Fair is one of its kind, as otherwise one cannot practically get to meet India’s largest and leading institutions under one roof. The information provided by experts there is most accurate and updated and enlightens students in making the most appropriate and right choice for themselves.

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