A Tryst with Love : Romantic Monsoon Destinations in India

India is a country where every season can be enjoyed at the fullest be it the winters, summers, spring or monsoon. There are destinations which offer the best glimpses of each of these seasons, the most romantic ones being monsoon destinations. Monsoon destinations in India are refreshing to visit and the landscape of these destinations looks amazingly beautiful and splendid as the heavenly rain descends from the sky. Following is the list of top five destinations which promise an incredible monsoon holiday:

  1. Munnar: This edenic hill station in the southern state of Kerala is a treat to watch in monsoon season. The green carpeted hills and tea estates washed away with rain waters look delightful. Such is the beauty that one can just sit back and relax with his/ her better half while enjoying a cup of tea/ coffee in the balcony of the hotel. Icing on the cake is when the whole city is immersed in mist which makes it look no less than a paradise on earth.
  1. Cherrapunji: Located in the eastern state of Megalaya, Cherrapunji is a city which receives rainfall throughout the year. This city has resplendent waterfalls with which look even more splendiferous when it rains. The scenery of this place is praise worthy because of the green foliage covering most of its acreage and also nearby Khasi hills which is a good place to visit. One of the main attractions of Cherrapunji are the living bridges which are actually made of tree roots twining together and suspended literally like a bridge.
  1. Lonavala: This honeymoon destination in the state of Maharashtra finds a reference in many Bollywood movies due its natural beauty and lovely weather. The place in monsoons is an excellent haunt for much-in-love couples who would like to spend a quiet holiday away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Walking hands-in-hands through the rains enjoying a romantic evening with a beautiful backdrop in Lonavala is a great idea to add the spark in your love life!
  1. Leh Ladakh: Leh Ladakh is opened in the monsoon region for travellers to visit and it is that time of the year when snow starts to melt making the place look like it has come back to life. The blue waters of lakes and mighty hills and mountains in region together personify romance in the most perfect manner when it rains over them. People who would like to enjoy a somewhat cold and wet weather along with their beloved should definitely go to Leh Ladakh for a vacation.

Goa: This coastal state is known for its pretty beaches where you can have loads of fun. When receiving rain, it seems as if a dash of romance is added to the whole environment here. The beaches can be visited by couples for some quiet walks along the shores while getting drenched in light drizzle. A candle light dinner in some seaside restaurant can also be planned to end the day on a perfect note with your darling.

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