A Complete Travel guide to visit Srilanka

Nature is so amazing. The early morning sun brings dawn to a naturally green land in some part of the world. It heats away the dew in the savannah lands where a crawling snake emerges to bask in it

The lions in the Maasai Mara reserve in Kenya, retires to sleep after a long night’s hunt as the Indian Leopard and the Thailand elephant prepare for the new day. The wildlife in the green land of the Island of Sri Lanka is not left aside. Sri Lanka hosts a variety of these wildlife animals and is one of the most amazing tourist destination for nature lovers. Allow me to give you some reasons why when planning your travels you should think of the Sri Lanka Visa and feel that you have to visit Sri Lanka.

Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka

The wildlife

(a) The wildlife

– As mentioned earlier, Sri Lanka is home to a wide range of animals both the fauna and the flora. – In the sea you find the whales, the dolphins and most of the deep sea fish

– The Asian elephant, the leopard the sloth bear, the golden jackal and the mongooses will also be found in the richness of Sri Lankan wildlife.

– You will also find various types of monkeys, for instance the macaque, in this wildlife.

– The wildlife facilities including national parks and reserves have been provided by the government of Sri Lanka to ensure protection of animals. These national parks include the Yala and the Bundala national parks.


(b) Transport

– The government of Sri Lanka is aware of how much the tourism sector boasts its economy. It is therefore spending a lot to improve its transport facilities. In this light, it has established international airports including the Bandaranaike international airport in its capital Colombo to promote tourism to the Yala national park.

– Good access roads have also been built to enable tourists to travel to their desired destinations.


(c) Tourism investments

– With the current rise in the number of tourists arriving in Sri Lanka, investors have majored in establishing tourist joint including five star hotels and accommodations.

– The city of Colombo is one such place where resorts, which feature modern activities such as sailing and game fishing, have been established.


(d) Location

– As an Island, Sri Lanka is strategically located especially for the lovers of maritime life. You will enjoy the sight of blue whales, sperm whales and the dolphins which are always friendly to people when you visit the beach in Sri Lanka.

Generally Sri Lanka has a vast Eco-system and the fragrance of nature traverses through its naturally green unexploited lands. It is home to more than 100 species of mammals in the sea and on land. Their Buddhist culture makes the Sri Lankans to be one of the most welcoming and non-violent community to visit. In addition, it is a politically stable country which is working towards attaining its development agenda, which includes promoting and supporting tourism.

Currently, it is not hard to acquire a Sri Lanka visa since the government has made it possible to make an online application of a visa. Make Sri Lanka your next travel destination and you will enjoy these wonderful place that nature has provided.

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