8 Reasons Why Most People That Travel To Thailand Learn How To Dive

How To DiveTravelling to Thailand is an adventure full of magical opportunities. There are so many sights to see, from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok to the magnificent ruins of Wat Chaiwatthanaram at Ayutthaya. What a lot of tourists are discovering, however, is that Thailand has lots to offer underwater as well. Lots of people who visit the country learn how to dive – but why? Well, there are many reasons.

You don’t need lots of money or experience
Firstly, learning to dive is both easy, safe and less expensive than you probably think. People worry about safety, but you do have to pass a number of exams before you take to the water. Your instructor will be there to guide you every step of the way – and it’s not too hard on your wallet to rent the equipment while you are still learning.

You don’t need to be sporty
There are no barriers when it comes to diving. You don’t have to be an amazing athlete or be an Olympic swimmer, you just need to be someone who is enthusiastic. Travelling to Thailand is the perfect opportunity to unwind, and diving lets anyone do just that – relax and experience something truly wonderful.

There’s so much to see
Thailand is famed the world over for its crystal clear waters, so by learning to dive you will be able to experience the true beauty of this aquatic landscape. Thailand’s reefs are protected by law, and National Marine Parks have been established to preserve them for years to come. Safe, responsible diving is a great way to explore this beautiful, hidden world.

You won’t be bored
It can be hard to think of something fun to do on your holiday, with people often lounging listlessly by the pool for hours on end. Well, diving is one holiday activity that gets you out of your hotel and doing something amazing. It certainly beats yet another day sunbathing!

It can lead to something
Diving can become a profession or a lifelong passion. Many who take up diving return to it time and time again, often developing a passion for conservation. Additionally, there are plenty of others deciding that they want to dive and show others how to for a living. There’s a lot of hard work involved – but it’s worth it to dive in such a beautiful place as part of your day job.

Priceless memories
One of the main reasons people learn to dive while in Thailand are the unforgettable memories that they get to take home with them. If there’s one thing that you will remember from your trip, it’s seeing the true beauty of nature in a way that you won’t until you go and do it again! After a while, dry land just can’t compete.

It’s a great social activity
Diving is fun to do with friends and is a great way to turn your Thailand trip into something really special. You might sign up to do it with some mates, or you may make friends while undergoing your training. Whatever the circumstances, there’s something about doing something so remarkable together that really deepens the bond between you and your loved ones.

See nature like you never have before
Getting up close and personal with wildlife is something that you don’t get to do every day of the week. With diving, you will be seeing all kinds of marine life, from awe-inspiring sharks to beautiful tropical fish. You are able to get close to these animals in a way that you simply can’t in a zoo or aquarium – and we can promise that it’s often a moving experience.

Sun, sea and scuba diving – what’s not to love?
Well, we hope that if you do visit Thailand, you’ll be first in line to learn how to dive. It’s an experience that people go back to time and time again, with the added bonus of sunshine and great scenery on dry land to keep you occupied out of the water. So what are you waiting for? This beautiful country tempts thousands of tourists into its beautiful ocean – and you could be next!

Jeffrey Glenn is the Founder of one of Thailand’s most sort after professional Dive Training Resorts – Go Pro Asia. Jeffrey is a PADI Course Director and Technical Diving Instructor Trainer and has over 20 years’ experience in the dive industry.

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