8 Most Efficient Things That Will Save Your Travel Money

Each travel and each trip make you a little bit richer with experience. However, these can also make you a lot poorer in terms of finances. Not all travels have to be expensive and pricey and you will definitely need to think them trough and plan them in detail so that your only memories about your vacation are the pleasant ones and that they are not stained with guilt for spending so much.

  1. Ask for discount cards. A lot of cities and tourist centers have their discount cards that make it way cheaper to visit many museums and tourist attractions. A lot of them even provide you with a free pass for the public transportation that would cost you a lot.
  2. Prices: check and compare. Wherever there are tourists, there are people who want to rip them off. You don’t really need to drink your coffee in the cafe right beside the hottest tourist attraction if it is twice as cheap in another coffee show down the street. You will still be able to enjoy your attraction but not overpay for your coffee.
  3. Use miles, bonuses and gift cards. Perhaps this is not a short term thing, but pay attention to these things. Being faithful to an airplane company of your choice can pay off significantly on the long run.
  4. Avoid extra payment for air conditioning. In some places, the air conditioned rooms are paid extra daily. This twice about if you really need that and if you really need it for your entire stay. Even if it is hot, you will be spending the least of your time in your room, so keep that in mind before you decide to pay extra for AC.
  5. Pack well. Think about what you really need and what is not that necessary for you. Put all your stuff on the bed and see if there are things that you don’t really need. This will save you money, especially if you can put all your things in one bag and save on the baggage charges on your plane. Also, let’s not forget how tedious it is to drag that bag with you only to realize that you haven’t worn a half of those things.
  6. Save on guided tours. You can figure out the way to all those tourist attractions and gather all the info on them on your own. Get the city map, figure out the ways to reach those places and read about them online. It will save you a lot of money.
  7. Book ahead. This is a great money saving tip. Everything can be booked ahead today, and at much lower prices than the usual ones. These include accommodation, flights and even meals.
  8. Avoid high season. There are some places that don’t have to be visited at a certain time of the year for them to be interesting. Check out what is the high season for the place you want to see and try to avoid it.

Olivia Still is a blogger, world traveler, and online marketing consultant for a number of Australia-based companies. Her dream came true when she started traveling for a living. Currently, she is discovering best travel deals and sharing them with her readers.

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