7 Reasons: Why Tourist Choose Guide For Better Knowledge

Tourist Choose GuideAre you planning to visit your favorite tourist spot or the holiday destination, which you have been dreaming about for months? Is this the first time you are visiting that place? And finally, are you worried about how it will go, because that place is totally alien to you and you are afraid that you will miss most of it …. Not to worry you are not alone and certainly you are not helpless either. This article will tell you the reasons why tourists hire a guide for better knowledge of the place. If you have answered above questions as “yes”, then go ahead and read the remaining part.

Reasons to choose a guide:

(1) Guide helps to cover most in less amount of the time:

  • The modern tour plans are time bound i.e. you have allotted a limited time proportionally among the places you want to visit.
  • A guide ,if told properly can show you only those types of places which you prefer to visit, the places filtered as per your choice will keep you away from visiting the places you might not enjoy that much.

(2) If you are visiting the place with crowded areas and complicated roads:

  • The place which attracts large tourists is always a crowded place, on top of it if that place is clumsy in terms of infrastructure and roads there is high chance of you getting lost.
  • A guide can help you reach those places in the time slots when the crowd is comparatively less as compared to the peak hours. Also a guide knows every ins and outs of that location; he can escort you using faster and safer roads.

(3) If you are going to stay for longer period:

  • Let’s say you have a plan to stay at the place for couple of weeks , you can hire a guide for first 2-3 days , get to know important places ,prices , tips and tricks about the locality and then you can revisit the spots of your choice on your own in the remaining time and explore more.
  • You can still have the guide’s contact in remaining time if any problem occurs.

(4) If you are visiting a place which has the historic or cultural importance:

  • Tours and trips are very good sources of first-hand information and knowledge collection. You might have intentionally or otherwise chosen the tourist spot which has important history attached to it or it is well known for its cultural uniqueness, you will surely get some knowledge if accompanied by a guide.
  • A knowledgeable guide will provide you with the information such as events occurred, famous personalities from that place, and other important happenings and trivial facts around the spot etc.

(5) You are travelling to the place with the unknown language:

  • If you are travelling to the non-English speaking zone of the world, then it will be a huge disappointment for your overall trip’s joy. Any interactions with non-English speaking locals will be hurdle in the proper communication.
  • A guide with a proper knowledge of both English and the local language will act as an interpreter between you and the locals. You can shop more confidently, ask questions and interact with them more effectively

(6) If you are on the adventure trip:

  • Fishing in the deep sea, scuba diving, River rafting, Trekking – mountain climbing and other adventurous tasks require special training and skills, otherwise it can cost you dangerous injuries if not life.
  • If you hire a guide which works around and knows the minor details about those adventures he can act as both guide and life saver at the same time. He can give words of caution whenever necessary and might refrain you from being careless.

(7) To find good places of food, entertainment and respite:

  • First time visitors are often uncomfortable about trying the new food, a guide can boost their confidence in trying out new food with his reviews of the particular restaurant or food center.
  • Often we plan to attend the upcoming concerts, shows in the area we are visiting; a guide can help us getting tickets in best prices possible.
  • ATM, Internet spots and places to rest in unknown land are easy to find with the help of tour guide.

All the above reasons justify why people prefer to hire a tour guide, and why you should too. Guides not only help you in seeing the places but also they have good knowledge of other formalities for example you are being accompanied by your guide in India and you see some business opportunity there you will have chances of getting information about Indian visa for business from your guide .

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