7 Outback Destinations To Visit In Australia

Australia is known for its diverse landscape and stunning attractions like beaches, islands, deserts, unique animals, reefs, rainforests and bustling cities. It has some of the most magnificent places you can visit on your road trip.

Australia is said to have some of the most beautiful and unforgettable places that you can visit with your family or friends and have the most enjoyable experiences of your life.

Moreover, Australia also has some of the best outback destinations that are worth visiting. You may find it weird, but it is a fact that visiting these places, will definitely add some memories to your adventure diaries. If you are adventurous, then there is no point spending the time on thinking about it. Just undertake your most adventurous road trip to the unseen destinations and make the most of your holidays.

It may happen that you may not know about such adventurous places that can add to your long-lasting memories. When you stay in Australia, you do not have to worry about where to have an adventurous thing that can add to your thrill and excitement. Yes, you read it right. Australia has several such strange destinations that will offer you both surprising as well as shocking experiences which you can travel with hiring a campervan from compaines like Aussie Campervan, DriveNow, Apollo Camper which offer a great rental services in Australia.

Let us take a look at a few of these places of Australia that will give you outback experiences.

1. The Pinnacles
The Pinnacles is located in the Western Australian Nambung Desert, that is one hour north of Perth. It is a worth visiting place in Australia. There is a large collection of eerie limestone rock formations which resemble as ‘Life on Mars.’

It is a strong belief of the aboriginal owners of the land that the rocks represent the vast number of locals that historically died in the desert’s quicksand. These formations of the rocks serve as a warning to the locals to steer clear of the creepy desert. If you want to have an adventure, you can walk throughout the Pinnacles Desert. Moreover, the limestone rock formations will give you an unseen and unforgettable sight along with the shadows cast by them at sunset, which offer some spectacular photography opportunities.

2. Longreach, Queensland
Longreach, Queensland located at the crossroads of several old stock routes, is a well-known and a legendary township that is completely outback. One of the famous bushrangers, Captain Starlight, had kicked off his career at this place by swiping a thousand cattle and drove them down to sell in South Australia. Longreach is also known as one of the founding centres for the iconic Qantas airline.

3. Pink Lake
When you travel on the Western Australian coastal drive, after a few hours north of Perth, you will be able to have a stunning sight of the strange pink waters of the Port Gregory Pink Lake. The reason behind the colour of the lake waters is its algae and salt concentration. A similar Pink Lake is recently developed in Melbourne too. You can visit the place by your car or bike from Melbourne CBD.

4. The Devils Marbles
It is an eerie outback destination and is said to be the oldest religious site in the world. Speaking about the Devil’s Marbles, they are strange, circular, stacked rocks that can be found in the desert halfway between Alice Springs and Darwin. The lands’ traditional Aboriginal owners, call it Karlu Karlu and there are large, round granite rocks scattered across a large valley. Many of these rocks you will find balancing upon one another.

5. The underground town of Coober Pedy
While driving north of Adelaide towards Alice Springs, you will come across a strange stretch of red desert which is home to an underground mining town. It is also home to the 80 percent of Australia’s Opals.

The town of Coober Pedy was established following WWI by returning Australian soldiers looking for the chance to make it big in the midst of the mining revolution. While working in the scorching heat, the soldiers realised that living underground can save them from the severe heat. You will also find hostels, hotels, the local church, museum and restaurants are located underground.

6. Daly Waters Pub
If you want to have a real outback experience, a beer with the Daly Water’s locals is a must-do thing on your road trip. It will give you the really weird experience along with the experience of the ‘vastness’ of the Australian landscape – a visit to an Outback pub is essential.

The decoration of Daly Waters Pub is in the form of travelling memorandum which gives an urging indication to the visitors to leave one of their belongings behind in a strange manner. You will find a lot of personal and private belongings stuck to the walls, ceiling, the roof, and on the colourful Flip Flop Tree, which serves as the outdoor centrepiece. Moreover, you will also find international coins and notes lining the bar.

7. Nimbin
You can find one of the Australia’s first hippie communities in the rainforest hinterland just west of Byron Bay. The music and arts festival of the 1960s brought students, hippies and artists to Nimbin. The festival came to an end, but many of the folks stayed back and form communes and a self-sufficient community. Today, you will find it a home to a quirky population, rainbow flags, colourful arts and crafts stores and its very own hemp museum. It will be a remarkable outback experience that you can literally note down in your travel diary.

Apart from these outback destinations, there are several others that you can find on the map of Australia. So, do not wait for an opportunity to come your way, rather pick up that opportunity on your way to an adventurous journey to these strange, but enjoyable places of Australia.

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