5 Reasons You Never Thought Of For Celebrating Thanksgiving At The Beach

Thanksgiving is one of those relatively easy holidays. American’s from absolutely every background take to it. Folks who celebrate nothing else – year round – will put in for Thanksgiving and make the most of it.

No matter the style of family, or the given family’s style of celebrating, it’s pretty easy to get them together this one day and if you do it right, they’ll even thank you for inviting them.

But that’s really where this article begins. In fact, we might’ve called it “How to Get Your Invitees to ‘Thank You’ for the Thanksgiving Invitation!”

Even this, the best holiday of all, brings out the cynic in the family. So rather than gathering round the same old table, take these five best arguments to heart and run with them.

5) Black Friday

Black Friday hasn’t yet led to the outright cancellation of Thanksgiving, but it may one day soon. It’s certainly a good reason to be far away from shopping or television reporters bent on hyperventilating about it. Greed and materialism depress even greedy, materialistic people. So, find someplace nice, wish them well, and enjoy all the cyber-sales later on the following week.

Thanksgiving is far better spent in the company of loved ones or old friends, than with TV and panicked shoppers. An island off the gulf coast of Florida with some sun, some comfortable temperatures and plenty of groceries delivered right to the door is far and away more relaxing, and after all, this is a long weekend. Take advantage of it.

4) Vacations Have a Meaning

It’s not about getting the most in, or going hard and spring break. It’s about quality time, spirit, rejuvenation and living it up as best you see fit. Giving thanks doesn’t hurt either.

So, what’s to be Thankful for when the obligations are just as many, and the stress and panic are just as daunting. On the contrary, make the most of it. Make your invitations count and spend the holiday with the people willing to make the trip with you. Even if it means bringing a lot of people along for a few extra days, they’re going to thank you that much more.

Thanksgiving is traditional. But traditions are meant to be renewed, and what better way than at the beach?

3) Families are More Complicated than They Used to Be

But that doesn’t mean sitting down to dinner should be complicated.

The beach is notorious for un-complicating even the difficult family members. Think about it. It’s not so much a question of “Can I deal with them in my house?”  It’s a question of “What’s the best way to deal with everybody?” So you’re not leaving anyone behind. You’re bringing everyone along.

2) Did You Really Arrive This Past Year?

We ask that a lot.

For all the traveling we do, people very seldom get to be somewhere new. So, it’s a philosophical question.

Somehow, though the beach on North Captiva Island shows up very little on the Internet, we suspect it’s because once people are here, they’re really here. A North Captiva vacation, of four, five, or seven full days is often the most important week they’ll spend. That’s as a couple, as a family or as a bunch of Thanksgiving celebrants.

So this isn’t an article that just lists nice things to do, and attractions on the island. Like Thanksgiving, it’s an invitation to sum things up and take account. What are we really going to be responsible for when the end of the year is upon us? Did we get somewhere?

1) Beauty is Our Responsibility

Ask your artists friends. It’s up to us. It’s just that it’s a lot easier to appreciate all of our beauty in a place that’s truly beautiful. Wherever we are, things will drag us down. We need to pack plastic bags so we can keep the beach beautiful. We need to keep up after all of kinds of things like that.

Somehow the beach makes it all a lot easier. So, you don’t have to decorate. Cooking almost anything is ok because, well, outside is a feast. In fact, a trip to a gulf coast Florida island is a feast in a whole bunch of ways.

After a few days, we find that folks feel not only like they’re thankful all over, but in fact, they’re often truly celebrating. And there’s a lot to be said for that.

Imagine now, a Thanksgiving that’s something in and of itself to be thankful for. You can bring just your spouse. Or bring the kids too. Invite your favorite people, and invite the loved ones you think will come. Even difficult family members that you’re obligated to invite along, are suddenly a lot less difficult. We’ve got space for them too.

One of the great things about the beach, perhaps any beach, is how many ways a place will bring all of us together, and it makes us thankful at the same time.

This article was written by James Tomon,  a writer working out of Mexico City.

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