5 Reasons To Opt For BBA Degree Courses

With the progression that India has shown in its economy in the recent years, the requirement for applicants with sufficient administrative and business information has gone up, resulting in increased demand for BBA degree courses as well post graduate management courses. Associations require competitors with sound business information who can encourage link-building between the working team and senior administration.

As a consequence of the economic growth, courses like Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelors of Business Studies (BBS) have attained immense popularity in the last three decades. Let us learn about the top 5 reasons for opting BBA degree Courses:

  • Good Industry Exposure and Hands-On Experience
    The nature of the BBA and BBS degree courses is such that most of the candidates end up working directly with the marketing, sales industry, operation or strategic team. This to get a good exposure of the current marketing trends. The courses are designed in a way to enhance the strategic decision-making capability of the students. Candidates are able to develop market-related skills and can thus focus on the latest trends.
  • Cater to the Requirements of the Industry
    As India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world, the demand for colleges offering BBA degree Courses has increased manyfold. BBA Colleges in Kolkata such as University of Engineering and Management (UEM), Kolkata; Dinabandhu Andrews Institute of Technology and Management and PITM are on the top of the priority list of the applicants. The existing companies are expanding in size and every day a new start-up arises on the screen. Candidates with sound business and operations knowledge are required by the businesses to expand their brand. Those with a BBA degree are easily absorbed in core business or operations department of the corporate as a strategy team member.
  • Immense Growth
    BBA degree course applicants, with sound industry experience, witness a quick paced development. There is immense scope of growth in this field. A dedicated candidate is likely to become a supervisor in four to five years or reach at senior-level administrative posts. The most important factor to note while choosing a university or college for the degree is the student to faculty ratio in that institute. The University of Engineering and Management (UEM), Kolkata is one of the top-notch colleges that has an appropriate student to faculty ratio as per the norms of the Government of India.
  • High Remuneration
    Candidates pursuing BBA from reputed colleges such as BBA Colleges in Kolkata can expect high remuneration. Starting salary of BBA graduates ranges from 3.5 to 4 LPA. BBA graduates having four to five years of experience in the metro cities like Mumbai and New Delhi can get salaries in the range of eight to ten lakhs.
  • Wider Scope in Future Studies with BBA Degree Courses
    Another awesome aspect of graduating in BBA is the wider scope in selection of alternatives for higher degrees (advanced education). One can either go for Masters of Business Administration (MBA) later on or can opt for dual degree – MBA + BBA. Numerous choices are available for pursuing MBA. University of Engineering and Management (UEM), Kolkata, Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology (MSIT) and Eminent College of Management and Technology, Barasat, Kolkata are some of the colleges offering dual degrees.

BBA Degree Courses are the professional degrees with main motive to address the core functions of business such as finance, strategy, decision, etc. As one goes through the studies, one learns managerial skills, communication skills, leadership and team skills. Some of the core subject taught in BBA are organization behavior, basic management skills, business strategy, market trends and competition, financial accounting, legal regulatory framework, entrepreneurship development, international finance and marketing, capital management, e-Commerce, communication, etc. These help in the overall development of the candidate and brings the best out of them. There may be other reasons as well for the more and more candidates opting for BBA Degree Courses during under-graduation.

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