5 Great Halloween Vacations For Kids

halloween5. Mickey’s Halloween Party: Anaheim, CA
Families that have younger kids probably aren’t looking to rile up much of a scare this Halloween. Disney Land in Anaheim, CA hosts an annual party, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. Kids and parents alike get decked out in their best costumes to celebrate together in the Disney kingdom. After 7pm the park is shut down to everyone who does not have a ticket to the event. Staff dresses in Disney and non-Disney outfits and hosts a fantastic parade and fireworks show. Some of the rides are spruced up with Halloween themes and there are limited time characters to take photos with that are only seen at this specific event. It is one of the best vacation ideas for families with young children and families that would like to get dressed up for a not so spooky Halloween celebration.

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4. Costume Parade: New Orleans, LA
New Orleans hosts one event that almost comes close to their famous Mardi Gras celebration and that is Halloween. New Orleans is a historical site for hauntings and voodoo, there are many spiritual shops that you can visit to learn more about this ancient and spooky past time. Visitors can go on haunted tours of the city to the French quarter or even to cemeteries where bodies are all put into tombs above ground, both options are perfect for a family that appreciates the more scary forms of Halloween fun.

Almost everyone in New Orleans dresses up for a costume parade down Frenchman street. Children and parents both get dressed up and parade down the streets in their chosen costumes, many of which are vampires. The parade brings out thousands of guests and the fun goes on well into the night. The history and spectacle of New Orleans is the perfect backdrop for a Halloween vacation with the family.

3. Island Getaway: North Captiva, FL
While some families prefer to scare together, some prefer to relax instead. For that throng of folks, the best vacation around the scaring season is a warm island getaway. Not many beaches are warm enough to relax at in the Fall season but North Captiva, an island off of the Florida coast, hosts delightful weather year round.

The island can be reached by ferry from the mainland and houses many resorts perfect for family fun. Kids and adults can delight in a nature walk down the shore or partake in a guided fishing trip. If the kids are still looking to go on a mission for candy they can trick or treat along the resorts on shore, they will find an old ice cream parlor and gift shops giving out candy. This adventure will prove perfect for parents to unwind while still giving the children something to enjoy about the Halloween season.

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2. Horseman’s Hollow: Sleepy Hollow, NY
As kids we all learn about the legend of Sleepy Hollow and the headless horseman. Only in our dreams do we think we will actually see the grounds where the legend took place. For 13 days of October the 300 year old Philipsburg Manor is turned into a haunted adventure run by the Headless Horseman with the aid of witches, vampires, ghouls and ghosts. Visitors walk the nature path to the grounds where they come across terrifying scenes and if they make it to the mansion are confronted with a horrifying exhibit of cannibalistic Hessians.

This is one of the leading attractions for those in search of the ultimate scary story, and although it is not recommended for kids I would recommend it for anyone that is enchanted by being utterly mortified. The fear factor is high and the event is located in the heart of the village, it is the premier scary vacation of Halloween.

Halloween in Sleepy Hollow: http://www.visitsleepyhollow.com/halloween-in-sleepy-hollow

1. Dia De Los Muertos Celebration: Oaxaca, MX
This latino celebration of the dead correlates precisely with the time of Halloween. Oaxaca, Mexico is the best location to visit for an authentic celebration that intertwines ancient Mexican culture with christianity. For the entire last week of October villagers are celebrating with elaborate decorations. On the 30th they set up altars to honor the fallen family and loved ones of the past year and see their journey off to the other side.

Visitors can indulge and delicious pan dulces, which are sugar breads baked to send with their departed loved ones on their long journeys. This celebration is one of history and tradition, and every child and adult would learn much from a visit to Oaxaca City, the capital, during the days before and after Halloween.

More information on Dia De Los Muertos: http://www.mocadventures.com/muertos.php

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