3 Top Destinations in Canada

When we think of Canada, most of us probably think of freezing cold weather with snowstorms and are unsure of what the country has to offer as a tourist destination. Yet hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world regularly visit Canada, for all that there is to see and do, so here are our 3 top destinations to visit in Canada.

Vancouver & Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Located on the west coast of Canada, just north of Seattle, near-touching boarders with the United States of America, Vancouver is the top destination when it comes to visiting Canada, especially since the successful Olympic and Paralympics Winter Games in 2010.

Not only is Vancouver home to many TV shows and their stars (think Fringe, Alias, Supernatural, Dark Angel and more), it perfectly located between the sea and Vancouver Island and the Rocky Mountains. This means there is plenty to explore and see while you’re there, including vast forests and Mount Whistler, which is renowned for its snowy slopes ideal for skiing and snowboarding.

Vancouver Island is just off the west coast shores and harbours secluded areas for quiet picnics and, if it’s warm enough, a nice cool swim to relax. Its dense forest gives you the opportunity to be adventurous – just don’t get lost!

Niagara Falls, Ontario

One of the all-time favourite destinations for honeymoons, Niagara Falls is one of the most mesmerising natural sights you can imagine. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to get soaked with the frothy water and mist all around you, you can’t help but awe at the unstoppable force the water crashes down from incredible height (and it will make you sigh in relief for knowing this force is turned into electricity).

Quebec City, Quebec

If you’re feeling adventurous in terms of language, or if you speak French, Quebec City (and Montreal) is a great place to visit. Quebec is the only city that in North America that actually has a fort, so it’s not just unique to Canada.

The river, which winds through Quebec and can actually take you all the way to Boston in the US, situates the citadelle, which was built first by the French in the 17th century and completed by the British in the following century. It’s now used by the Canadian troops and if you get the timing of your visit right, you might even catch them doing a military ceremony!

Of course it’s not enough to just sort out your flights, accommodation, visa and exchange your pounds to Canadian Dollars – make sure you know how to convert the foreign sums in your head so you can roughly gauge how much things are likely to cost and avoid being ripped off (not that Canadians are known to do this; we just want you to be safe and money-savvy). If you know how much something works out to cost in your own currency, you are less likely to pay over the odds for something whilst on your travels.

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