10 Of The Craziest American Hotels

Choosing a hotel for your vacation is always a difficult decision. You have to balance factors such as price, proximity to other destinations, quality, and more. However, some hotels have made it a point to make their hotels the vacation.

These daring hospitality owners have ditched your average hotel template and created some of the craziest hotels in America.

Dog Bark Park InnDog Bark Park Inn: Cottonwood, Idaho

The Dog Bark Park Inn is a family owned business located in Cottonwood, Idaho. Owners Dennis and Frances started The Dog Bark Park Inn in 1997 after their hand-carved wooden dogs were sold on QVC.

You’ll actually stay inside of a large, carved dog when you stay at The Dog Bark Park Inn. The room fits four and you can even bring your four-legged friend with. You’ll also get continental breakfast which includes “The Prairie’s Best Fruited Granola”.

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast: Farmington, New Mexico

Reminiscent of the Flintstones, Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast allows you to enjoy New Mexico at its finest. This hotel isn’t so much of a hotel as it is a residence built inside the vertical cliffs of Tertiary Ojo Alamo sandstone.

The room itself has all of the modern amenities such as a kitchen, TV, bathroom, and even a jacuzzi. The difference between this hotel and your average chain hotel, is the unparalleled views of the La Plata River Valley and the Four Corners. Simply stepping outside of your cave affords you this pristine view.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge: Key Largo, Florida

“Undersea Lodge” either makes you jump for joy or paralyzes your with fear. Located in Key Largo, Florida is the world’s only undersea hotel. The lodge is located in the Key Largo Undersea park  and offers SCUBA training in its lagoon.

Visitors to the Undersea Lodge actually need to be SCUBA certified because the entrance is actually underwater. One of the coolest features is room service. You can actually have a pizza delivered to your room.

Madonna Inn: San Luis Obispo, California

The Madonna Inn, located in central California features 110 guestrooms with incredible decor. The hotel also features a spa, horseback riding, and boutique shopping.

El Cosmico _Marfa TexasEl Cosmico: Marfa, Texas

El Cosmico is a nomadic hotel covering 18 acres. This crazy hotel is far from ordinary. They focus on adventure and sheer “nothingness”. Their goal is to have you connect back with nature and take a break from the real world.

Trailers, safari and scout text, tepees, and campsites are how El Cosmico accommodates its guests. If you’re looking for a communal, true break from real life; then El Cosmico is your answer. You’ll share an outdoor kitchen and dining area with other guests along with the lounge, mercantile, stage and reading room.

Red Caboose Getaway: Sequim, Washington

You may not hear “welcome to” so much as “All Aboard!” at the Red Caboose Getaway in Washington. This hotel took to the rails and offers guests their own private caboose. This crazy hotel has decked out their cabooses with all of the modern hotel fixings including TV’s, mini fridges, and wifi.

Quaker Square Inn: Akron, Ohio

For all of those who have been wanting to stay in an oat silo, here is your chance. The Quaker Square Inn is a hotel that was converted from an old silo complex that, at one point, contained 1.5 million grain bushels.

Each room is set into one of the perfectly round silos and has all of the amenities of a modern hotel.

McMenamins Kennedy School: Portland, Oregon

Whether you loved or hated school, you’ll love McMenamins Kennedy School in Oregon. The hotel has been converted from an actual school. The hotel has even kept a lot of the original artwork and historical photographs.

57 guestrooms have been converted from old classrooms. However, in these classrooms, you can enjoy a pint or whiskey.

Turpentine Creek: Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Turpentine Creek is a unique lodging experience but not because of its rooms. Sure, the rooms are nice. They offer lush accommodations in jungle inspired rooms with bamboo finishes.

Turpentine Creek is unique due to its other guests; the big cats. It just so happens, that Turpentine Creek is also a wildlife refuge for a variety of exotic animals including tigers, lions, cougars, bobcats, bears, and more.

Out ‘n’ About Treehouses Treesort: Takilma, Oregon

Last but certainly not least, is the Out ‘n’ About Treehouses Treesort in Oregon. From the name it is pretty obvious why this hotel makes the list for craziest hotels in America. You can live out your childhood dream of living in a treehouse.

They have a variety of treehouses ranging in size and shape depending on your needs. Some even include a shower and a mini-fridge. The best part is if you get board, the Treesort also offers ziplining around the main meadow.

If you find yourself looking for a hotel in one of these areas, consider booking one of these crazy hotels. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.

Andrew Fujii recently did some personal research on hotels in America, and these are some interesting ones he came across.

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